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How it works

Your dog's safety and comfort are our highest priority for our photo session - and a clear workflow with step-by-step guidance at each stage, from initial consulting to the final delivery of your wall art, is what showcases our commitment to professionalism and your satisfaction. 


Let's transform an ordinary photo session into an exceptional, client-focused experience.

The Consultation call

Considering teaming up with us?

Welcome to LensMoments, where we take care of you from the first contact to the final delivery of your wall art. The consultation call is just the first step where we come together after you contact us and is focused on understanding your needs and preferences. Let's discuss the ideal location for the photo session and explore various options for turning your vision featuring your loved one into personalized art. There is no obligation to make any commitment at this stage: our goal is to ensure we align with your vision, and to address any concerns you might have about the well-being of your dog(s) during the session. If you couldn't decide on the creative direction you want to go yet, don't worry - we are here to help guide you towards a result that perfectly depicts your imagination. 

The Session

It is that time when you relax and let me work the magic. Let's join for a photo session in which your dog can truly be a dog! There will be no need for obedience or striving for the perfect, disciplined pose - just pure and dog-nature fun. If your pup decides to roam, sniff, or simply ignore us, that's exactly what we hope for. As a professional photographer with a German-certified education in dog training, I have specialized in capturing the joy and unique personality of your furry friend. Together we will create some incredible images that reflect the real essence of your beloved pet.

Ordering appointment

It's time to bring your vision to life! The moment has arrived to select the images that will become your custom masterpieces. We come together to select and finalize your favorite images and transform them into stunning artwork. Once your beloved pieces are ready, we will contact you to discuss the delivery details. If you have any questions in between, we are here for you!

(425) 217-9670

Let's stay in touch

The photo session is over, and you are happy with your wall art? We would greatly appreciate your feedback on your experience. If you enjoyed our service, feel free to follow us on social media or check out our blog with monthly news and interesting facts.

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