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Lens Moments - Every dog's story, beautifully told through a lens.

American Pitbull Terrier

My Story

dog photographer at work LensMoments

Welcome to the unique world of a dog-loving, pitbull-advocating, nature-enthusiast, and sushi-craving dog photographer.

Nested in the Pacific Northwest and operating in Duvall, Redmond, Seattle, and beyond, I am more than just your average dog photographer. As an experienced dog photographer and storyteller, I bring a unique perspective behind the lens. The foundation of my approach to capturing the essence of your furry friends is rooted not only in my photography expertise but also in my understanding of dog behavior. This journey began in 2013 in Germany, where I earned a certificate in dog behavior training.

Understanding the subtle language of dogs allows me to connect with them on a deeper level, ensuring their comfort and safety during our photography sessions.

Whether your dog companion is an expert at obeying commands or needs to remain on a leash, don't worry - I adapt to their unique needs, ensuring we capture their spirit.

For me, nature and hiking are much more than hobbies: they are a source of inspiration. The Pacific Northwest offers the perfect backdrop for our photographic adventure. Imagine your dog, beautifully framed by the natural scenery of the PNW, with its trails and reflective lakes - these are moments to capture and stories to tell.

My ideal day? It starts with an essential cup of coffee, includes spending time in the company of charming dogs, and ends with a plate of exquisite sushi. Why not turn your photo session into your ideal day offering you the perfect experience of a photo session? I offer you a relaxing and enjoyable experience where you can unwind while I do the work. 


With me you're getting more than just a photo session- you're embarking on a memorable journey that celebrates the story of your beloved dog. Join me in this adventure for the best photo session experience.


My  Principles

prioritizing saftey and comfort transforms good pictures into great stories.

Photography captures the soul of a moment.

True art belongs on walls, not just on screens.
LensMoments is convinced in the peaceful embracinge
of nature
Dogs bring out the best
in us
 Sushi unites flavors
and cultures


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Pitbull advocate  partnering with


American Pitbull Terrier Dog
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