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From Pharaohs to Photographs (Saluki)

Updated: Mar 28



In today’s digital age, where the charm of film photography is often downgraded to the realms of nostalgia, it’s easy to forget that some subjects have been captivating hearts long before the camera was even a concept. This brings me to a fascinating parallel between the ancient and the contemporary – the Saluki.

Often, we admire film photography as an art form that echoes back to older times, yet the Saluki’s legacy in human culture predates even the earliest forms of photography by millennia.

Why writing about the Saluki you wonder? Because we find a bridge between the ancient word and our modern pursuits of capturing beauty and history. The Saluki, with its elegant form, was already immortalized in art and carvings long before film made its mark. These dogs were esteemed companions of pharaohs and hunters and celebrated across ancient civilizations.

One of the earliest references to the Saluki, can be found in carvings from the Sumerian empire, dating back to 7000 BC. Also, the breed was often depicted in hieroglyphics and found mummified alongside their owners, indicating their high status in Egyptian society.

Knowledge that can help every photographer when it comes to a photo session. It is knowledge that goes beyond dog behavior (what is a key knowledge for any photographer) and can make THE DIFFERENCE in the result of our photo session and clients experience.

So, how is this king of knowledge transforms your photographic experience and why do I put so much importance into knowledge beyond the craft of photography? Because it matters when we are offering a high quality and experience driven business. It matters when we are offering more then only some digitals as a result of our experience, and it matters if we want clients to feel understood and cared about.

These are examples that are representing knowledge about the Saluki and how we can take this knowledge into account when we are working with this breed, but it also shows the importance of diving deep into dog knowledge no matter what breed we are talking about.


1) Capturing Essence Beyond Appearance

Knowing the history allows photographers to capture the essence of the Saluki beyond its physical appearance. The Saluki isn’t just a dog; it’s a piece of living history. This knowledge can inspire more thoughtful compositions that reflect the breed’s noble and ancient heritage.

2) Storytelling Through Imagery

Photography is as much about storytelling as it is about capturing images. Understanding the Saluki’s background – its revered status in ancient cultures, its role as a hunter, and its depiction in ancient art – can help photographers tell a richer story through their images.

3) Building a Connection.

Recognizing the Saluki’s storied past can inform the way a photographer approaches a session, from the setting they choose to the way they interact with the pet.

4) Lighting techniques

Inspired be the Saluki’s desert origins, photographers can experiment with natural lighting techniques that mimic the harsh, dramatic sunlight of its homeland.

5) Color and Texture

Awareness of the environments the Saluki historically inhabited can influence the choice of color palettes and textures in the backdrop and setting, creating a visually rich context.

6) Action Shots

Knowing that the Saluki is one of the oldest hunting breeds, photographers might emphasize its speed and agility in action shots that pay homage to its hunting prowess.

It always is worth a journey through the history of a breed. Photographers who invest in this deeper understanding bring to their work a dimension of storytelling that transcends the visual. This approach can transform each photograph from a simple portrait into a piece of art that shows the essence of every breed.

In conclusion, the practice of photographing with knowledge that extends beyond the technical aspects of the craft of photography is a tribute to the subjects we capture.

To the Saluki breed à we owe a debt of gratitude. These noble hounds have not only graced our lenses with their elegance but have also enriched our art with their remarkable history. Thank you, Salukis, for being not just subjects of our photographs but ambassadors of a rich heritage that continues to inspire and captivate.

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